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Aug 22, 2017 · Mystery Solved – Diagnosis Moves Patient from Frustration to Peace of Mind and a Plan

Hello Karen, My name is Kandee. I’ve been struggling with health issues myself, & I’m having a really hard time getting the doctors to take me seriously. There is a movable lump on the rights side of my face where my temple is. Every doctor that I have came in contact with has acknowledged they can feel it, but claim (with the exception of one doctor) they can’t see anything on any of my MRI’s or CT scans.

Recently a doctor found swollen lymph nodes on the side of my face, behind my ear, & under my chin; all where the movable lump is located. Where the the lump is located, it sits on about 15 or more nerves constantly. The lump constantly moves around, pulls, sits, & pokes countless of my nerves. This is extremely painful. This has made my eye infected, my lip, and coutless rashes on the outside of my neck. I’m in extreme pain at all times.

I just want to know what is wrong with me & how to fix it so I can get back to my life. Like you I took for granted so many simple things, that now no longer seem so simple…..

I have two wonderful small children that need their mother back. To make matters worse I have no family, & my Ex- boyfriend (father to my children) recently walked out on us, took our car, & left us with no money for food or bills. He was an alcoholic throughout our whole relationship, & it only got worse the worse my illness got. He was physically, verbally, & emotionally abusive (to only me never my kids. Regardless, in no way am I saying what he did was right). We are getting by, but to find an answer to my condition would be a miracle.

As sick as I am my kids mean the world to me; so it is up to me now to go back to work so I may care for my children. I know it would be so much easier to do this if I wasn’t so sick & in pain all the time. Caring for two small kids alone is hard enough without being sick. Any info on how you finally convinced your doctor to refer you over to Mayo Clinic, or if you know of a doctor that really actual cares & wants to do some good for others & you can direct me too him/her? I would be very, very, very greatful & so would my children. Thank you for listening.


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