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Sep 22, 2017 · Breaking Away From Pain With the Help of 'The Scrambler'

Not sure if what I have can relate to some, but trying anyway in hopes that someone at the Mayo Clinic will read an respond. I also had cancer 5 years ago this was treated an so far cured through surgery with Cemo/radiation not required. 10 months ago I went to Costa Rica shortly after caught a virus or something that went away. 2 weeks later I wake up with both feet an ankles number & tingling.
Doctors say neuropathy take a pill for your symptoms which are of course anti depressants.

Jump forward after 4 months treatment to help cure neuropathy through infrared an laser treatment maybe it’s not neuropathy at all?? At least there is no consistent evidence to prove to insurance companies!

Best I can figure is they just are looking hard enough to find out why this occurs in some an not others?

Feet are now so numb I can’t feel the break or gas peddle so disability really in my future???

I get out of bed every morning stomp my feet and say wake up!!! It never works:)

Thanks for listening

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