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Aug 15, 2018 · Cancer Worries Behind Him, Mountain Biker is Back to Tackling Trails

I received a diagnosis of prostate cancer in November of 2017 and within a month I had decided on what kind of treatment I would like to have, that being pencil beam proton radiation. I applied to every place in the US that had a pencil beam facility and swore I would go to the place that got back to me the soonest. Thank God it was the Mayo. Within two days of receiving my online application for a consultation they booked me into an open spot with the urology department. I have to admit that flying from Moscow, Idaho to Phoenix, Arizona with a one day notice was totally out of my comfort zone but I did and boy howdy am I glad I did. Want to talk about a well oiled machine, that is Mayo Phoenix. You can be downstairs and when they say you have an appointment upstairs in five minutes and your paperwork will be there…count on it! When they say your appointment is at 8:15 and you get there at 7:00, you will probably get in by 7:30. They are that efficient.
Upon arrival I met with a doctor in the urology department and when I told him what I wanted to do he pulled the strings necessary to get me into see the people I needed to see within the limited time span I had to be there, like the next day. Everyone I encontered made time for me even if it required them to adjust their daily schedule. I can't say enough good about the people working at the Mayo even to whomever it is that comes in to clean up at night. There is no one there that isn't polite, caring and totally professional.
I can't leave without mentioning my primary caregivers, Dr. Tom Daniels and his nurse assistant Louise. They were beyond any expectation I might have had and I am sure that they were no exception amongst the staff at the hospital.
I have never had any association with any business or people that I respect more than the Mayo and their staff. They totally blew me away.
I will sign off with the comment I give everyone who asks how I am doing: The Mayo: they will do everything they can to get you fixed and if they can't, then nobody can.

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