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Aug 3, 2018 · Racing Ahead to a New Career After a Brain Injury

Love this story! Am very grateful for my outcome too! Head injury not sure what caused it but having lived through this has helped me forcus my energy on simple things in life that I can admit I've taken for granted. As a former RN Student I've put that on hold back 12 years and haven't been drivin by anything to center myself on. I always wanted to be a Nurse, when my Grandpa passed away from cancer back in 1996 Inwas devastated. BUT focused my education onto being an Oncologist Registered Nurse. I left nursing College after the my 1st 2years at my Alma Mater ALVERNO COLLEGE here in Wisconsin. Now that this has happened we've been working towards my recovery first also the idea of returning to college and complete my degree in Nursing is my new goal.

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