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Aug 8, 2018 · Flashback: 1939 — Lou Gehrig Comes to Mayo Clinic

My father-in-law diagnosed a few months ago. Likely it was acquired while he was in the Navy (Vietnam era). Dad always was the physically strong one in the family –and extremely talented in work skills, construction, plumbing, casino maintenance director, online college student at 70, etc.
He now can hardly move from the couch, with breathing mask on, and he has lost more than 50 pounds in a very short time.
I pray that God's timeline for dad is changed to health (the doctors do not have much optimism about his condition).
I have been trying to find studies in their Fresno, Calif. area, so far nothing.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. I know nothing is over until God says so –
your prayers would be appreciated (if you are a believer, just tell Jesus, John needs him).
Dad is very loved. Thanks,
Daleandrosej at

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