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Aug 24, 2018 · Teen Returns to the Range With Help From Mayo Clinic’s Pain Rehabilitation Center

I fell and broke my hip, had to have a total hip replacement and now going on six months, I feel like it's worse. I had a hip dislocation six weeks ago, and it seemed when I was done , I just hopped off the table and went to my ortho, told him what happened, and I was told that I would be virtually starting over again with my PT twice a week. So yesterday I went back again and was in extreme pain through the whole session. I went out and enjoyed a concert last night with dancing two songs. This morning I can barely walk, I felt in pain and curled up. I have neuropathy in my hands and my leg on the healing hip side feels like I got run over . My question is am I Feeling what is chronic pain syndrome ? I live in the Pacific Northwest and would be interested in getting assessed for this condition. Please all comments and suggestions welcome. Thank you ! ☺️

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