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Wed, Apr 10 11:05am · Defying Odds to Make it Through to a Heart-Lung Transplant

You are such a brave girl Aryn.Reading your story gave me hope that my brother will also heal and be able to live normally.My brother is already 33 years old and he is diagnosed with ventriculal septal defect when he was 16.The doctor advised to do a surgery putting a stent in the hole but unfortunately the procedure is so costly and we can't afford it.He was given maintenance medications but all through out his life he is in and out of hospital.Just recently he was discharged from the hospital and the doctor said the pressure in his lungs is so high that he is now experiencing heart failure and pulmonary hypertension.I really cant stand seeing him suffering.He have cough out with blood,visible large veins all over the body,clubbing of fingers,dark bluish nail beds,he gets tired easily.His cardiologist told me that our family should prepare ourselves for the worse and this time the surgery might not be possible anymore.I cried all night and praying for a miracle.He is only 33,and with a 2 year old kid which he love more than anything.He use to ask me if he can still able to see his child grow or is it the time for him to go.My heart is in pain hearing those words from him and I just hug him and cried.I want my brother to be ok and live normally and able to be there for his child until he grew up.I hope that there is still a chance for him to live longer and not to suffer anymore.

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