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Sep 23, 2013 · Surgery cures rare condition

First of all, I hope to find some answers to my questions…… I had the ETS done 8 years ago. I was so happy to finally rid of the struggles I’ve had due to hyperhidrosis. Unfortunately, as time goes by. I have started having and experiencing the HORRIBLE side effects of the surgery. My life is about 25% of what it used to be and I suffer every second of the day. Doctors think I’m crazy cause of all the health issue I’ve had…..people think I’m hypochondriac……
I am also without an insurance so I am not able to have other doctors see me. In the past 8 years since the surgery, I have seen 3 doctors but no one has really met someone like me. I have attached some of my research and I am just hoping and praying that someone see’s this email and maybe…just maybe….I could get some help….

Here are some of the side effects
1. Severe compensatory sweating
2. Decreased physical capacity
3. Reduced blood circulation
4. Postural hypotension
5. Sleeping problems
6. Anxiety
7. Chronic back pain
8. Shortness of breath
9. Inability to loose wait
10. Dry sinuses
11. Sweating of the body at night
12. Split body syndrome/Corposcindosis
13. Total anhidrosis ( inability to sweat)
14. Chronic fatigue/lack of energy
15. Cold hands and feet
16. Sensitivity to food
17. Recurring UTI

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