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Thu, Feb 20 3:20am · Body Builder Regains Energy After Surgery for Myasthenia Gravis

I was diagnosed with MG approx 12 years ago (after a 1.5 year search for what was ailing me) after a few years and some ER visits due to myasthenic crisis I was given IVIG treatments and what a blessing these were!!! I had to fight over and over with insurance but I would eventually get the treatments (sometimes months later though) unfortunately after about 4 years ( at the age of 47) of IVIG treatments I suffered a horrific heart attack. I was worked on for 5.5 hours, I died 15 times and had to be shocked back to life. My fiance and my daughters was told I probably wasn't going to make it and phone calls should be made to family who needed to say goodbye. Fortunately God spared me and the Cardiologist, along with an amazing team, saved my butt!!

I obviously can no longer recieve IVIG so I am now on mestinon and prednisone. My thymus is well within the normal size so a thymectomy is not considered. I am so happy 4read and hear about other "MGers" that have had the blessing of returning 4a somewhat normal life again. I still hope and pray that I join that club eventually.

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