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Oct 24, 2016 · Life after C. difficile

I know the cure.! I suffered from extreme C diff for a number of years.
Night sweats, fever, fatigue, the loss of appetite and of course the
diarrhea. I had all the antibiotics, diets, and home remedies that were out
there. I have the same story as you only I am a paraplegic and with each
episode would have to spend weeks, which turned into months in Care units
and hospitals. My life belonged to c-diff. Then my doctor at Mayo Clinic in
Rochester Minnesota referred me to their Infectious Disease Department
hoping for some relief. Dr. Khan had a new program for C diff sufferers
called a fecal transplant, yes it is exactly what you think it is but it is
not exactly what you think it is. My C diff was gone literally and
figuratively overnight. I have not suffered one bout of diarrhea, night
sweats, fevers, and I have my energy back. My testimonial is on the Mayo
Clinic websites and I would be glad to correspond with anyone wanting any
information. They do heart transplants, liver transplants, all kinds of
transplants to help our bodies and fecal transplants simply restores the “
good germs” to our digestions tract, it’s just that simple. It works
overnight! Don’t suffer for 1 more minute, get your life back. I’m glad to
correspond with anyone wanting more information my story is on the Mayo
website along with the explanation of fecal transplant. Good luck I hope
you find relief

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