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Oct 20, 2015 · Colorado Nurse Finds Answers to Medical Mystery

Well as of now i still have major flareups. Joint pain. Back rib pain,hand pain,headaches. Total fautige. Very stiff in mornings. I was put on lyrica for a year. Then prednisoneand tramadol for pain and hydroxyzine for hand tremor for a year. As with everything onlys helps short term. Always take estogen as well since i had a full
hysterectomy at 27. So now only taking tramadol for pain and estrogen and paxil. Has been working about 6ms and this cold weather has flared me up again. I am off dairy cause of stomach issues i have developed. Try to stay off of carbs and sugars. I still have Hashimoto and no one will give me any meds until it goes low enough. My t3 and t4 are close but just not bad enough. Now my vit d was way low nd i had a script of that for 6 weeks but i also atarted the paxil as well but was doing ok until last week. I feel heavy and achy all over. My mom has same issues but not diagnosed hashi. I had to get a function test to get diagnosed. I am 46 and all this started when i was early 30s. Oh i also gave blood for the first time. Not a good idea when having autoimmune i was in bed 2 full days so weak. I just wonder if i have lupis. So many things have same symptoms.

Mar 2, 2014 · Colorado Nurse Finds Answers to Medical Mystery

Thanks. I went gluten free for three months and I felt good for a lil time
but all the same again.
So far after getting hashimoto my dr sent me to a neurologist. He did MRI
of heAd and it was normal. Labs came back positive for ebv and cmv. Chronic
So I am going back in March 13th to do a nerve study on arms and legs. Then
he will discuss further. What is exactly going on.
I am having tremors in my right hand and a buzzing feeling on and off in my
left leg below knee. Most of my pain is neck and back mid rib pain. Like
burning pain. I don’t take my tramadol quick enough my legs and arms start
Just want it taken care of so I don’t get something worse like ms or
Hodgkins. So fatigued it’s crazy and I am a go getter. But now I can’t plan
a thing. I can feel bad as quick as I feel good. Or vice versa. Strange.
Teaching me patience for sure.

Mar 1, 2014 · Colorado Nurse Finds Answers to Medical Mystery

I have hashimoto but they won’t give me anything. Been so sick I went to a neuro and labs showed Epstein Barr virus and cmv. Hoping after nerve test they will know what to do. MRI came back good.

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