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Aug 27, 2014 · Mystery Solved – Diagnosis Moves Patient from Frustration to Peace of Mind and a Plan

I am on tears. This could be me. Eight+ years. Many docs. …PCP. Neurologist. Rheumatologist. Pulmonologist. Cardiologist. Opthalmologist. Gastroenterologist. Hematologist. I’ve even been going to Wake Forrest Univ in hopes that as a “study school” they can get a handle on this. I’ve had very high EBV titers for years. They used to put the fatigue, fevers/nightvsweats, skin rashes and itching off on that. No treatment except atarax to calm the nerve endjngs. I’ve had reoccurring swollen lymph modes that have been removed and biopsied. Vision issue)(corneal clouding and I can’t see anything up close without glasses). Chronic bronchitis. Anemia. Heart palpitations. Weakness and muscle/joint pain. Chronic inflammation. Now I’m having abdominal and serious GI issues (colitis and IBS after being treated with antibiotics for an abdominal abscess), I’m 48 and I feel lime I’m 98. I work full time and its all I can do to get through my work week. I’ve said for years this is not all in my head. I don’t sit around in a lotus position chanting and asking to wake up in a full body rash with swollen nodes and itch for weeks at a time. I’m not crazy. I’m sick. And I need answers. I’ve gotten to the point I’m ready to say no lore doctors and bills and tests!!!! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Yes!?!? Then I read this. Maybe there is hope that it won’t be during an autopsy that they figure out what has been wrong with me all this time.

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