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Aug 27, 2014 · Mystery Solved – Diagnosis Moves Patient from Frustration to Peace of Mind and a Plan

Karen, I can empathize with you in regards to suffering for so long with no diagnoses, doctors telling you there is nothing wrong it’s only in your head. I too went through the same process after telling my post-operative heart doctors not to use nickel in me. After a three year battle with flu like symptoms, continued heart issues and begging my new family doctor she set on a path to run every test possible after two years I was finally sent to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Mn. I spoke with an intake doctor that was doubtful that surgeons there could help that doctor sent me to a neurosurgeon. As soon as the surgeon opened the door after he had read my file that was ow over 5 inches tall and after he spent 5 minutes just listening he recognized my symptoms immediately and wanted to do surgery the next day. however I had taken the trip by myself so I arranged to have it done the next week. After 7 months and removing the staples from my chest after heart surgery I’m starting to feel better. The nickel was poisoning me every day, it was leeching into my system. Thank you Mayo Clinic for giving me back a life..
Steve Bowerman

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