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Mar 26, 2015 · Stopping the Seizures

I dont have cancer to my knowledge .ive lost close 80 lbs since 2006 mostly on weight watchers.i have pcos irratable bowel syndrom w somstimes sevre constipation,id like to have a almost total hysterectomy because i believe i have endometrosis along w the pcos &i have a tilÅ£ed womb &fat from the weight lose on lower belly i like removed cause it makes it hard to keep clean. the pcos put me into menopause .i have degenerative disc diease ,degenerative athritis& rumitoid athritis,they want me to have knee replacements,&my back causes me a lot of pain,i hav bone spurs on vertabrae &knees,and last but not leaat breasts reductions i believe all that weight gone would help my back .only i have medicare/medicaid& don’t know that they would pay i have united health care dual complete(medicare/medicaid) thanks for listening may the Lord continue to help Kelly

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