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Jan 21, 2016 · #StrokeMonth: TIAs - The Warnings Most Ignore

I had a stroke/ TIA back in September 2015. I was riding home from out of town and got about 30 miles outside of San Angelo TX and the whole side of my left face wrapping around my throat area went dumb for just a second then I got real hot and then freezing. I was trying to tell my sister I wanted a blanket and I knew what I wanted to say but I couldn’t make it come out. We were almost out of the town and not another one for over an hour, I kept thinking to myself is something wrong. I finally told my sister I think something is wrong and as I talk I am slurring my words. This was a small town we were in with no hospital so we called 9-1-1 and they took me back 30 miles to San Angelo. Once at the hospital they did a CT scan which showed a spot on my brain. They decided to admit me and do a MRI the following day. I had several test run over the next few day MRI, Scan of my heart, neck artieries, eye stimulation test. ( At this point the hospital was saying I could have MS did not have a stroke). They wanted to do a lumbar puncture, I got on the table for the procedure and they decided to wait until the next day, that when I checked myself out of the hospital. I wanted a second opinion. Once I got home I saw a nuerologist here, he informed me that I did not have MS that I had a stroke. I do smoke ( trying to quit). I am not over weight. Still to this day every time something hurts in my body I think I am having another one or a heart attack. I have went to the ER because of this. I keep having panic attacks and cant sleep at night because I think about how I feel. I just want to make peace with this and live my life. I am taking baby asprin, diabetic medicine, chol medicine, depression medicine, blood pressure medicine. I have all the test that could be run on my heart and they all came back normal. They can not tell me why I had a TIA/Stroke. I think if I could find someone that has had this happen to them, I might be able to make peace and live my life without fear everyday.

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