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Feb 13, 2016 · Wife Gives Husband the Gift of Life with Living Donor Kidney

I have 3 sons. Two of them have received Kidney transplants at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago. My oldest son received a kidney from my sister in 1996. It has been good for almost 20 years but unfortunately he is in renal failure and is on dialysis again. His wife does not match so they are in an exchange program where she will give a kidney to a recipient and Jeff, my son, will receive a kidney from a living donor. Four of them will be in surgery at the same time..My son is not doing well on dialysis but there are no matches at this point. We pray for someone to step forward to give him this gift. My middle son has also received a kidney from his wonderful wife 3 years ago and is doing excellent.He went in to renal failure 4 years ago and his wife and all of us were so blessed and surprised she matched!! We are very grateful for the fact that they are both still here with us, but we are trying to find a match for Jeff. I tell everyone I know and strangers. So I’m telling you. Thank you for letting me. Cathy

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