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Stories of the Heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. But in many cases – by some accounts as many as 80 percent of cases – heart disease is preventable and controllable, and even small lifestyle changes can make a difference.

In the stories below, Mayo Clinic patients talk about their often surprising encounters with heart disease. And Mayo Clinic physicians provide advice on how being aware of this often deadly killer and practicing a healthy lifestyle could save your life.

Hear from others

Susan CardelliSusan Cardelli

On the 10th anniversary of her heart attack, Susan Cardelli had some advice for other women who have had heart attacks: don’t blame yourself, take steps to take care of yourself, and connect with others who’ve been there before and understand what you're going through.

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BobbieSofiaBobbie Sofia

A trip to the doctor revealed something unexpected for Bobbie Sofia: heart failure, caused by a rare blood disease that develops when proteins build up in your heart. Thankfully, she found a treatment approach has kept her disease from progressing.

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Know your risk

HeartNumbersHealthy Heart Numbers

In our culture numbers are everywhere. But doctors at Mayo Clinic say most of us don't know or even think about some of the most important numbers: our heart health numbers. Here are the numbers you need to know to prevent a heart attack or stroke.

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Heart-DiseaseHeart disease in women

Heart disease once was considered a man's disease. But each year, heart disease kills more women than men. And because of the misperception, women  sometimes don't get the diagnoses or care they need. Learn how doctors are trying to change that.

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February is American Heart Month, and throughout the month, Mayo Clinic will be promoting education and action to prevent heart disease in women. Watch this space during February for more stories.



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