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April 6, 2009

Balloons in the Gonda Lobby

By Barbara Porter Barbara Porter

Barbara Porter is Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Mayo Medical School. “Wow, Mommy, look at the big yellow and blue balloons,” came a small but discernable voice from the top of the main floor landing of the Gonda Lobby. I was walking by, at a slow pace, while checking my calendar before heading […]

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Tags: art, Chihuly, Mayo Clinic

March 26, 2009

Learning Perspective

By Jeff Bell Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell is the Section Head of Illustration and Design at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Jeff and his team are responsible for all of Mayo’s media design. In 2003 I asked Randy McKeeman, Director of Child Life at Mayo Clinic’s children’s hospital, what he thought about the idea of me coming over to draw […]

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Tags: art, Hospital, Mayo Clinic, medicine, Pediatrics, Sketch, Volunteer

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