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April 6, 2009

Balloons in the Gonda Lobby

By Barbara Porter Barbara Porter (@barbara porter)

Barbara Porter is Assistant Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Mayo Medical School. “Wow, Mommy, look at the big yellow and blue balloons,” came a small but discernable voice from the top of the main floor landing of the Gonda Lobby. I was walking by, at a slow pace, while checking my calendar before heading […]

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Tags: art, Chihuly, Mayo Clinic

March 26, 2009

Learning Perspective

By Jeff Bell Jeff Bell (@jpaulbell)

Jeff Bell is the Section Head of Illustration and Design at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN. Jeff and his team are responsible for all of Mayo’s media design. In 2003 I asked Randy McKeeman, Director of Child Life at Mayo Clinic’s children’s hospital, what he thought about the idea of me coming over to draw […]

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Tags: art, Hospital, Mayo Clinic, medicine, Pediatrics, Sketch, Volunteer

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