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August 21, 2019

Racing Toward a Brighter Future After Nerve Transfer Surgery

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For six months after surgery to repair an injured radial nerve, Patrick Metzger couldn’t lift his wrist or extend the fingers in his right hand. Seeking help, he made an appointment with the Peripheral Nerve Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Arizona. There his care team gave him new hope that he could regain his hand […]

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Tags: Cece Skotak, Dr. Pelagia Kouloumberis, Dr. Shelley Noland, Nerve transfer, Peripheral Nerve Clinic

November 19, 2018

Making Music Again After Bidding a Tumor Goodbye

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After months of living with sharp, shooting pain in her arm, Corrine Craig sought help at Mayo Clinic. Her care and treatment by a multidisciplinary team took away the pain and allowed the piano player to return to the pastime she loves.

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Tags: Dr. Pelagia Kouloumberis, Dr. Shelley Noland, Neurosurgery, Schwannoma

October 3, 2018

Teamwork and Motivation Spur Recovery from Brachial Plexus Injury

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A motor vehicle accident left Jennifer Tetler without the use of her left arm. But the comprehensive treatment plan developed by her Mayo Clinic care team, along with Jennifer’s drive to recover as fully as possible, led to an excellent outcome.

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Tags: brachial plexus, Cecelia Skotak, Dr. Pelagia Kouloumberis, Dr. Shelley Noland, Julie Pohlad, Peripheral Nerve Clinic

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