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October 29, 2015

Emergency Eye Surgery on Halloween for a ‘Scary’ Close Call

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore (@HoytFinnamore)

It was Halloween night, 2014. Brianna Bosley, 18, a studio arts major at the University of Arizona in Tucson, was planning to attend a party with friends. Some 100 miles to the north, in Scottsdale, Arizona, Dave Patel, M.D., a Mayo Clinic ophthalmologist, also was getting ready to celebrate Halloween with his 10-month-old son, something […]

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Tags: Arizona Campus, Canaloplasty, Dr. Dave Patel, Glaucoma

July 8, 2015

Walking by Faith, and Now by Sight

By Hoyt Finnamore Hoyt Finnamore (@HoytFinnamore)

In many ways, Jenny Peterson was like other mothers of young children. She cooked and baked, cleaned and washed clothes, and cheered her children on from the sidelines of their activities. In one significant way, though, Jenny was different: She did all of these things without sight. Jenny lost her vision in 1976, after having […]

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Tags: Corneal Transplant, Dr. Arthur Sit, Dr. George Bartley, Dr. Keith Baratz, Glaucoma, Keratoprosthesis, Ophthalmology

August 6, 2009

A new way to treat glaucoma

By Catherine Benson Catherine Benson (@catherine benson)

Doctors at Mayo Clinic in Florida and Minnesota are using a new technique to stabilize glaucoma and preserve vision. Glaucoma is an eye disease that slowly damages the vision. A leading cause of blindness, it occurs when the eye’s natural drainage system fails to work properly. Fluid builds up inside the eye leading to elevated […]

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Tags: Glaucoma, Trabectome

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