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January 3, 2011

What would Dr. Will and Dr. Charlie Tweet?

By Lee Aase Lee Aase (@LeeAase)

When we were discussing creation of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media last year, our Mayo Clinic chief administrative officer, Shirley Weis, said something that struck a chord with me. We had been talking about some of the ways our Mayo Clinic YouTube channel had helped patients get information they needed, and Ms. Weis said, […]

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Tags: Dr. Charlie Mayo, Dr. Will Mayo, Mayo Brothers, Twitter, YouTube

October 1, 2010

Heritage Days Film Celebrates the Franciscan Tradition of Mayo Clinic

By Barbara Sorensen Barbara Sorensen (@barb sorensen)

There are two films for Heritage Days this year – both are original productions funded with generous support from benefactors. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at one. It’s a documentary called Healing Hands: The Sisters of St. Francis and Mayo Clinic. The film will be shown on every Mayo campus throughout Heritage Days, Oct. 4-8. This […]

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Tags: Employee Stories, Heritage Days, Mayo Brothers, Mayo history

September 10, 2010

Heritage Days Film Celebrates 100 Years of Our Primary Value

By Barbara Sorensen Barbara Sorensen (@barb sorensen)

What does a 1910 Packard automobile have to do with the future of Mayo Clinic? Plenty, it turns out – because that car is the “vehicle” for dramatizing the story of how Dr. William J. Mayo formulated the concept that we uphold as the primary value of Mayo Clinic: “the needs of the patient come […]

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Tags: Employee Stories, Heritage Days, Mayo Brothers, Mayo history

May 7, 2010

Dr. Jack the Helping Dog

By Barbara Sorensen Barbara Sorensen (@barb sorensen)

When thinking of ways to share what makes Mayo special, Matt Dacy (a Mayo employee) along with a handful of colleagues decided on a children’s book. They didn’t have to look far for inspiration. They looked to Dr. Jack, a very special member of the Mayo Clinic care team. In mid-April, I had the opportunity […]

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Tags: Children's book, History of Mayo, Jack the Dog, Mayo Brothers, Mayo Model of Care, Service Dog, Teamwork

October 15, 2009

Mayo Historical Suite: A Step Back in Time

By Renee Ziemer Renee Ziemer (@renee ziemer)

Take a step back in time to the bustling days of 1928 when the Plummer Building first opened its doors as the “new” Mayo Clinic Building. Today, we can still experience a bit of the setting by visiting the Historical Suite on the third floor of the building. Upon entering the suite, one sees photographs […]

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Tags: Historical Suite, Mayo Brothers, Mayo Clinic, Mayo Legacy, Plummer Building

July 1, 2009

Mayo wear

By Barbara Porter Barbara Porter (@barbara porter)

“I’ll see all of you at noon at the Foundation House,” I stated as I reminded the Year I Mayo Medical School students of their meeting with prospective students. “Is it Mayo wear?” a voice said, and I could hear the hopeful anticipation that I would say “no” in that voice. “Yes, it is Mayo […]

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Tags: dress code, honoring patients, Mayo Brothers, Mayo culture, medical students, mutual respect

March 11, 2009

Teamwork: More than Just Words

By Barbara Sorensen Barbara Sorensen (@barb sorensen)

Teamwork at Mayo Clinic; it is more than just a word. It’s the very foundation of who we are. Although Dr. William J. (a.k.a. Dr. Will) Mayo and Dr. Charles H. (a.k.a. Dr. Charlie) Mayo were brothers, they were also a committed team who worked closely with each other to care for their patients. They […]

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Tags: Education, Mayo Brothers, team work

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