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April 3, 2019

From Sadness to Smiles: Art Inspires Emotional Healing

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

When Bill Hoffman arrived at Mayo Clinic’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, he was so weak he could barely move. Not only was his strength gone, his happiness had disappeared, too. That began to change when Bill picked up a paintbrush and immersed himself in the creative process.

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Tags: Carol Graziano, Dr. Mitchell Humphreys, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

November 2, 2018

An Active Life Restored, Thanks to Regenerative Medicine

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

For years, Rick Amatuzio lived with severe back pain that kept him from the active life he’d always savored. But advanced diagnostic tests and regenerative medicine therapy at Mayo Clinic ultimately led to a complete recovery. Now Rick once again can play sports and enjoy the outdoors free from pain.

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Tags: Dr. Wenchun Qu, Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine

October 24, 2018

Joyriding Once More

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

When chronic hip pain drove Brenda Brault to seek medical care, the long-distance runner and triathlete assumed her high-level athletic pursuits were over. Rather than limiting her abilities, however, surgery allowed Brenda’s training to keep moving forward.

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Tags: Arthroscopy, Dr. Bruce Levy, Dr. Corey Kunzer, Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

October 11, 2018

Winning Against All Odds

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

Andy Steinfeldt discovered his love of running late in life. When a series of medical conditions and complications threatened his newfound hobby, he refused to accept a future where he wasn’t able to compete.

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Tags: Dr. David Froehling, Dr. Jonathan Finnoff, Parsonage-Turner syndrome, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, vascular center

April 13, 2018

Diagnosis and Treatment for a Mysterious Illness Turn Despair Into Hope

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

With unexplained symptoms worsening daily, Elise Athas’ health was spiraling downward quickly until she came to Mayo Clinic and discovered a program that helped her cope, recover and heal.

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Tags: Dr. Jeffrey Staab, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, Dr. Michel Toledano, Functional neurologic disorders, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry and Psychology

March 5, 2018

Right-Handed Once More, Thanks to Unique Orthopedic Surgery

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

Craig Cretsinger had accepted the fact that he’d never be able to use his right hand — until he learned about a specialized hand surgery at Mayo Clinic.

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Tags: Dr. Mark Christopherson, Dr. Peter Rhee, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spinal cord injury program, Upper extremity reconstruction

November 6, 2017

Mastectomy Can’t Keep Marianne Huebner Out of Competitive Weightlifting

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Marianne Huebner feared her days of competitive weightlifting were over. Her care team at Mayo Clinic had other ideas.

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Tags: breast cancer, Cancer care, Dr. Andrea Cheville, Dr. James Jakub, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

February 3, 2017

Astounding Recovery for an 8-Year-Old Boy Shot by an Arrow

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

It’s a story that plays out like a Hollywood movie. A young boy is accidentally struck by an arrow and narrowly escapes death. The arrow pierces the 8-year-old’s backbone and splits his spinal cord. He’s paralyzed from the waist down, and his doctors fear he’ll never walk again. But remarkably, the story has a happy […]

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Tags: Child and Adolescent Neurology, Dr. Denise Klinkner, Dr. Nicholas Wetjen, Emergency medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

January 13, 2017

Walking Easy Again After Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic

After a 37-year career at a petroleum company, Dan Hofferber was looking forward to retirement. But in 2014, Dan started having trouble with one of his legs. The muscle in his left thigh would tighten up, causing unbearable pain that made it hard to walk. “I was used to walking a mile or two, and […]

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Tags: Dr. Mohamad Bydon, Dr. Ralph Gay, Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spinal stenosis

June 12, 2015

Spina Bifida Won’t Slow Down Ty Wiberg

By Hoyt Finnamore HoytFinnamore

If everyone else can do it, why can’t I? If Ty Wiberg, a 13-year-old from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, has one guiding principle in life, that might be the one. The Chippewa Falls Middle School student has undergone 16 surgeries, walks with braces and uses a wheelchair for distance. Ty was born with spina bifida, a spinal […]

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Tags: Dr. Jane Byrd, Dr. Sherilyn Driscoll, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Spina Bifida, Spina Bifida Clinic

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