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March 29, 2010

Art and Music at Mayo Clinic

By CSMMayo CSMMayo (@csmmayo)

Many years ago, when I was a much younger person, I was taught that good health meant not only the lack of disease but was indeed a combination of emotional, physical and social well being. Keeping these words in mind I realize that here on the Mayo Campus not only is there a trained staff […]

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Tags: art and music, library, paintings, Plummer Building

October 15, 2009

Mayo Historical Suite: A Step Back in Time

By Renee Ziemer Renee Ziemer (@renee ziemer)

Take a step back in time to the bustling days of 1928 when the Plummer Building first opened its doors as the “new” Mayo Clinic Building. Today, we can still experience a bit of the setting by visiting the Historical Suite on the third floor of the building. Upon entering the suite, one sees photographs […]

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Tags: Historical Suite, Mayo Brothers, Mayo Clinic, Mayo Legacy, Plummer Building

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