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February 22, 2019

Repaired Deviated Septum is a Breath of Fresh Air

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With a deviated septum that blocked her nasal airway, Mistie Melver couldn’t breathe through her nose, and she rarely got a good night’s sleep. That changed when, after two failed surgeries, she turned to Mayo Clinic. At Mayo, Mistie found a care team committed to ensuring her nasal obstruction repair was a success.

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Tags: Dr. Cassandra Puccinelli, Dr. Grant Hamilton III, Dr. Toby Weingarten, otorhinolaryngology, Septoplasty

September 27, 2016

After Sinus Surgery at Age 82, Charles Metzler Is Breathing Easy

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If you go looking for Charles Metzler, you’ll often find him out on the acreage he owns in the Rocky Mountain foothills near Casper, Wyoming. The 82-year-old spends his days tending his well-manicured lawn, caring for his troop of animals — ducks, rabbits, a pot-bellied pig named Mimi, and a miniature donkey named Haley — […]

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Tags: Deviated Septum, Dr. Erin O'Brien, Endoscopic Surgery, Nasal Polyps, otorhinolaryngology, Septoplasty, Sinus Surgery

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