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February 5, 2018

Neurosurgery Frees Patient From 15 Years of Debilitating Pain

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic (@SharingMayoClinic)

Gloria Hughes endured episodes of terrible pain for more than a decade before a chance meeting between her local physician and a Mayo Clinic neurosurgeon finally paved the way for desperately needed relief.

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Tags: Dr. Richard Zimmerman, Neurosurgery, The Village at Mayo Clinic

July 28, 2017

Jennifer’s Long Journey to a Kidney Transplant Leads to Renewed Health

By SharingMayoClinic SharingMayoClinic (@SharingMayoClinic)

After waiting more than a decade for a kidney transplant and enduring a host of health challenges in the meantime, Jennifer Longoria finally received a new kidney, and a new opportunity for a healthy life, at Mayo Clinic.

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Tags: dialysis, kidney transplant, Mayo Clinic Transplant Center, organ donation, The Village at Mayo Clinic

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