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Jul 28, 2017 · Paired Kidney Donation Offers a Unique Way Forward for Transplant Recipient

Can you give me detailed info on the donor testing process, time, pain.. Etc. I am willing 4 of us are willing but my sister says that she does not want to put anyone through that pain. Shoot, i am on the bone marrow donor list for anyone i do not know… I know that’ s painful. Please give me some info for ammo, so we can dispell the excuse. Pain! Does she not realize how much pain it causes everyone to see her in such pain? How much it would devastate everyone that loves her, if we lose her? She thinks that she is being unselfish. I say the opposite / to “save us from pain” is causing all of us distress. Its kinda like salvation. God says i give my son that you may live. You respond, no, i cant accept that.

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