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Nov 18, 2017 · After 20 Years of Seizures, Erica Laney Enjoys Life Following Epilepsy Surgery

Upon reading your story, I couldn’t help but relate to you. I also had petit-mal seizures from the age of 14 to the age of 33. I also went through the study in London Ontario Canada, and was a candidate for the surgery. I had a Right-Lobectomy and had praised God and my miracle Doctor, Dr. Andrew Parrent for giving me my life back. I had been 20 years seizure free until recently (2016) when they started coming back mostly at night in my sleep. I am now going through having to be put back on meds for a security blanket. I truly believe this is hormonal related. About 1-2 months after the birth of both my boys (1984 & 1986), I went in to seizure after seizure, and they put me in the hospital and gave me a shot of valium to put my brain to rest, and they went away. The doctors said it was from my hormones changing back. Like I said since June 06/97 I was seizure free until 2016. I am now going through the change (53 years old) and they have returned, although nothing like before the surgery. I pray they will disappear again, as the stress of this situation doesn’t help, as stress causes seizures. I am posting this so that you watch for signs, especially when your menopausal years come to you. Hopefully you won’t go through this, but it’s worth mentioning. Take care, Kathy

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