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Sep 8, 2018 · Learning to Live Well With POTS Brightens Daily Life for Christine Esposito

I'm trying to find information about adults who aren't growing out of POTS. My 25-yr-old son was at Mayo for several months in 2011. He was diagnosed with POTS and Multi-System Atrophy. After 3 weeks at the pain clinic, he returned home to a normal life. However, he has had relapses from time to time. Even though he is doing all the right things — lots of exercise, lots of water, good nutrition — he has spent the last week suffering more than he has for several years. He continues to go to work (very phyical job) but he has been falling asleep at work. He's in a lot of pain, weak legs, feels like he will faint when he stands, headache…all of this even though he really is taking very good care of himself. Trying to find out if there are any new treatments for POTS. Also, any info on adults who aren't growing out of this syndrome. We believe part of the reason he has suffered more than most is that he is 6'7.

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