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Arriving at Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) International Airport

Many of our patients travel by air to MSP and then drive or ride by taxi or shuttle to Rochester. Vivien shows what to expect and how to navigate to find ground transportation options.
Downtown Parking

Patients may be driving here from all over the country. This video goes through the different parking options on the downtown Minnesota campus for these patients.
Entering the Gonda Building

In this video, Vivien orients you to the Gonda Building, taking you from the main patient entrance to the Information desk and Registration, as well as other first-floor amenities.

The Mayo Building

Vivien provides a first-floor tour of the Mayo Building, including Heritage Hall, which provides interesting exhibits on the history of Mayo Clinic. This tour also touches on the International Center and concierge desk. The Mayo Building is connected to the Gonda Building, which is also connected directly to the Methodist campus of the Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester, so you can move throughout the downtown campus without having to go outside.

The Subway and Patient Cafeteria

The subway on the downtown Mayo Clinic campus doesn't involve motorized vehicles, as Vivien explains. It does, however, provide a way for patients and families to navigate the downtown campus, and it also has many helpful amenities, including a patient cafeteria. Further down the hall is the Patient Education Center.

Hilton Desk C

Many patients will need their blood drawn at some point during their visit. In this video, Vivien takes us to the most common outpatient blood draw at Mayo Clinic: Hilton Desk C.

The Blood Donor Center

Do you want to save lives by donating blood? Vivien shows us where to go to donate blood at Mayo Clinic and explains the simple process it entails.

Methodist Campus, Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester

Methodist Campus is one of two campuses that make up Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester. In this video, Vivien orients viewers to the different hallways upon entrance, pointing out the admissions desk, the patient and visitor cafeteria, and the pharmacy.

The Patient Shuttle

Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester has a campus called Saint Marys Campus, which is about 0.8 miles from the downtown facilities. If you have a need to get to Saint Marys (or to the Ronald McDonald House or Gift of Life Transplant House), Vivien shows where you can catch a ride on the patient shuttle.

Saint Marys Campus, Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester

Saint Marys Campus is one of two campuses that make up Mayo Clinic Hospital — Rochester. Vivien takes you from parking to registration to the campus' beautiful chapel.
Department of Neurology

In this video, Vivien orients you with the Department of Neurology. She discusses the check-in process and how your appointment will be conducted during your visit.

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