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July 30, 2012


By MakalaArce MakalaArce

“Is your glass half-empty or half-full?” We’ve all heard the saying, and we all know that half-empty is the pessimistic view, while the half-full perspective is that of an optimist. The thing about cancer is that traditional rules don’t apply. I’ve given hand massages to world travelers, war veterans, wedding planners, teachers, truckers, and Spanish-speakers. […]

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Tags: Cancer, chemotherapy, glass, half-empty, half-full, Mayo Clinic, perspective, Rachel Cohrs

March 26, 2012

Joey’s Hope – Part 3 of 4

By MakalaArce MakalaArce

Previously: “Joey’s Hope – Part 1 of 4” and “Joey’s Hope – Part 2 of 4” …Within the next twelve short months Joel, Kimberly, and their daughter made FIVE additional trips to the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester. Joel had a wonderful oncologist in Fort Wayne, Dr. Carr, who was willing to work with the Mayo […]

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Tags: 1136, 5279, 5292, 5335, brain, Cancer, chemotherapy, gamma-knife, Joel Saunders, Joey, Kimberly Saunders, Mayo Clinic

March 13, 2012

Marlys Fox beats cancer death sentence…by 45 years

By Joe Dangor Joe Dangor

By Susan Pepperdine “My doctor came in, and in his best Marcus Welby voice told me I was going to die,” Marlys Fox vividly remembers. She was just 32 years old, so “I wasn’t going to take that sitting down. When I immediately announced, ‘I’m going to Mayo Clinic,’ he told me that they would […]

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Tags: 1136, 5279, 5335, chemotherapy, choriocarcinoma, methotrexate

December 2, 2011

Three Strikes … But Not Out

By MakalaArce MakalaArce

Personal Background My name is Alfred “Bart” Howe and I am a very lucky guy. I was born 1938 in a small oilfield town in Oklahoma. Mary and I married in 1965 and have two married sons, a grandson and a granddaughter. Mary and I raised our family in Boulder, Colorado and have lived here […]

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Tags: 1136, 2272, 3640, 3719, 5279, 5291, 5335, Alfred Howe, amyloidosis, Bart, chemotherapy, Dr. Leung

November 23, 2011

Cancer Patient Experiences Football as Healing

By MakalaArce MakalaArce

Below is an except from a blogpost written by Karon Hanson on the Healing As A Sacred Path blog. “[He] received more rounds of chemo earlier this Fall, and when it was found the cancer was still progressing, he enrolled in a clinical trial at the Mayo Clinic, testing a promising immunotherapy drug, hoping that […]

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Tags: 1136, 3640, 3719, 5279, 5335, Cancer, chemotherapy, Football

May 26, 2011

Mayo Clinic Erickson Hair and Skin Care Center – Donna Termont

By MakalaArce MakalaArce

Donna Termont shares her experience at the Mayo Clinic Erickson Hair and Skin Care Center. Donna tells her story about hair loss due to the side effects of chemotherapy and how the Mayo Clinic Erickson Hair and Skin Care Center helped her through the physical and emotional side effects of her treatments. Related Diseases Cancer […]

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Tags: 1136, 3640, 3719, 5279, 5335, Cancer, chemotherapy, Donna Termont, Erickson Hair and Skin Care Center, Mayo Clinic, wig

February 1, 2011

MaryEllen’s Journey: Hope Returns (Final Episode)

By Julie Janovsky-Mason Julie Janovsky-Mason

The moment finally came. But it was an uneasy one at first. MaryEllen Sheppard was about to receive her last round of chemotherapy at Mayo Clinic, with friends and family by her side. But as her loved ones and her nurses cheered her on, a wave of emotion hit this mom with nerves of steel. […]

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Tags: 1136, 2375, 5250, 5279, 5333, breast cancer, chemotherapy, radiation, YouTube

October 11, 2010

MaryEllen’s Journey: Chemotherapy Begins (Episode 2)

By Julie Janovsky-Mason Julie Janovsky-Mason

Like many women facing breast cancer, MaryEllen Sheppard had concerns over how she would feel after her chemotherapy treatments. Would she be able to go to work? Would the chemotherapy leave her feeling ill and exhausted? How long would it be until she inevitably lost her hair? When you last saw MaryEllen in Episode 1,  […]

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Tags: 1136, 2375, 3640, 3719, 5250, 5279, 5333, breast cancer, chemotherapy, triple negative breast cancer

March 27, 2009

Of Feathers and “Angels”

By Lee Aase Lee Aase

Helen Buescher was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006. Since then, she has traveled several times from her home in northern Minnesota to Mayo Clinic in Rochester for tests, appointments and chemotherapy infusions. Between her Mayo Clinic appointments, Helen receives treatment closer to home, in Grand Rapids, Minn. Last Friday, during one of those infusions, Helen […]

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Tags: 2145, 3719, 5279, 5335, AML, Cancer, chemotherapy, Leukemia, Mayo Clinic, Patient Stories

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