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The Discovery That Changes Everything

I am a hard charging, creative, passionate person who listens to her “inner voice” as much as possible. Earlier this year, I was having multiple ear and throat infections which were not responsive to antibiotics.  After three rounds, my doctor decided to feel my throat – which led to a [...]

Created by Makala Johnson

Thanks to Mayo, My Survival and Passion for Softball Will Continue

I will never forget the afternoon of January 31, 2011, when I was at my local health provider and received the devastating news that I had stage 4 throat cancer at the base of my tongue that had spread to my lymph nodes. My local health care provider gave me [...]

Created by Makala Johnson

Man's Throat Cancer is Gone

When 64-year-old Dennis Nigon struggled for two weeks with a sore throat, he never imagined he would be diagnosed with cancer a few weeks later. Nigon didn’t think anything serious of his sore throat. But as it continued to persist, he decided to go in for tests, and he’s grateful [...]

Created by Makala Johnson

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