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What makes a cancer survivor?

June 1 is designated National Cancer Survivor Day – a time to celebrate those living with cancer. It seems ironic, though, for one day to be called out as cancer survivor’s day. Let's be honest – once you receive a diagnosis of cancer, regardless of what kind, every day is essentially survivor’s day. As a two-time [...]

Created by Cynthia (Cindy) Weiss

To Life (again) as a Two-Time Cancer Survivor

I’m walking a fine line between jubilation and anxiety. As a two-time ovarian cancer survivor, I’m nearing the anniversary of my recurrence. Although I feel fine, this type of cancer isn’t the most accommodating. My nerves always manage to creep up on my dates with the ‘gists – in my case, [...]

Created by Cynthia Nelson Weiss

The Extreme Makeover of Viruses

Editor's note: This article is from the Winter 2009 issue of the Sharing Mayo Clinic Newsletter. Using the measles virus and gene therapy to treat ovarian cancer Dixie Manley, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, was the first human to receive a reengineered measles virus to target her ovarian cancer. In July [...]

Created by CSMMayo

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